The teams came on to the WYCO venue after having a day off. The board pairings of the first two tables were the best, match table – 1 was between 2nd ranked Iran facing the undefeated team of the tournament Russia (3rd ranked). In match table – 2 it was the fight between the Indian teams, India Green (1) and India Red (6). The guest of honour for this round was D G Chaudhary, Regional Director Special Olympics committee, Western region. He made the first move alongside other officials of the tournament.

Mr. D G Chaudary, Regional Director Special Olympics Committee, making the first move along with (from left) Mr. Ankit Dalal, Mr. Bhavesh Patel, Mr. Anantharam Rathinam, Mr. Mayur Patel and Mr. Gopakumar M S


Table – 1 match between Russia and Iran was of high quality and the Russians displayed technique of high calibre. In board – 1, the game was between Russia’s Semen Lomasov (White) and Iran’s Amin Tabatabaei (Black). The game started with Sicilian defence – dragon variation opening.  It was then followed by the Yugoslav attack. The game moved on but from the 15th move, there was a repetition of moves by Queen (white) between d2 and d3 and Knight (black) between c4 and e5. Thus the match resulted in a draw.  In board – 2, the game was between Russia’s Sergei Lobanov (Black) and Iran’s Alireza Firouzja (White). The game opened with Caro Kann Defence with exchange variation. As the game moved on the white had pawn up, but the black had a strong bishop centre. The 19th move by Lobanov of Knight to b3 made black in a weakening position, thus giving white an advantage. After several exchanges, Alireza on the 33rd move of Knight to e3 made the White’s hold over the game weak and Lobanov took full advantage of this game and won the match. In board – 3, Iran’s Aryan Gholami (Black) played against Russia’s Artur Gaifullin (White). Artur started with a Queen – pawn opening and it was followed by a Nimzo Indian defence by Aryan. As the game went on, Aryan played King Indian Attack. The black also sacrificed his a7 pawn to gain queen side momentum. But after several exchanges, white consolidated on centre and drew the game. In board – 4, Iran’s Mahdi Gholami (White) played against Russia’s Timur Fakhrutdinov (Black). This game also started with a Queen-pawn opening and Nimzo-Indian defence. On the 25th move by the black of Rook to d8 lead to the loss of pawn at a7 and thus making the queen side of black weak. The 31st move of Rook to d1 and 32nd move of Queen to e4 by the white were brilliant and thus Timur won the match.

Iranian player getting ready for play


Table – 2 saw the match between the Indian teams, India Green the top ranked team and India Red. In board – 1, the game was played between Aryan Chopra of India Green (White) and Sarkar Rajdeep of India Red (Black). Aryan’s scotch opening had a great advantage and he had total control throughout the match. He had total control over the E file. Aryan played in such a way that Sarkar had to give up 2 pawns to save mate on the h7 square. Aryan easily won the encounter. In board – 2, R Praggnanandhaa (Black) of India Green came across S Jayakumaar (White) of India Red. The game began with a 4 knight opening. As the game went on Jayakumaar was unable to castle and on the 14th Praggnanandhaa made Queen to h4 which was brilliant where he sacrificed his queen in such a way that 2 moves later he got the opponent’s queen also. Later in a move of Bishop to e5, he won a pawn and Praggnanandhaa had two passed pawns on g and h files. Praggnanandhaa then wrapped up the game. In board – 3, India Red’s Arjun Erigaisi (Black) faced India Green’s Nihal Sarin (White). The game started with a French defence tarrasch variation. After early exchanges, the game ended in a draw owing to opposite colour bishop ending. In board – 4, the game was between India Red’s Guddanti Harshita (White) and India Green’s P Iniyan (Black).The game began with the Sicilian Najdorf variation. As the game went on the black had a strong bishop pair. The white move of Bishop to d3 was bad as Queen (black) took the pawn at b3. Similarly, during the game, Harshita lost 2 pawns on Bishop to n5 move. Ultimately she lost the game.

All Indian battle, India Green vs India Red


In other matches, Uzbekistan (5) played Turkey (8) and lost the match 3 – 1. In Israel (9) versus Mongolia (13) match, the match ended in a draw (2 – 2) and Armenia (4) beat Kazakhstan (11) 4 – 0 in their tie.

The standings after Round – 6 are:

  1. Russia
  2. India Green
  3. Turkey
  4. Armenia
  5. Belarus



Credit: Mr. Samir Vyas, GSCA Member